OCaml Consultant

Darmstadt, November 2009 - The Ocaml consultant Gerd Stolpmann is again accepting new customers after a number of projects could be finished. Gerd Stolpmann works primarily as system engineer, and is one of the rare developers who combine functional and system programming. The latter is meant in the broad sense: Both watching a cluster of machines from an bird's eye view, and stepping down the ladder of abstractions to the OS level and beyond.

Many suggestions for projects are welcome, and also many sizes are possible. Some suggestions:

If the project is well-specified a fixed price can be agreed upon. Otherwise, a per-hour rate of 80 Euros is the basis for negotiations (w/o add-on costs like travels and special hardware).

Gerd Stolpmann has an office in Darmstadt and is well-equipped with hardware. Travelling is possible within limits.

For project suggestions, or just getting more information, please contact Gerd Stolpmann.

Dipl.-Inform. Gerd Stolpmann
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