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UMLMON is a professional operating environment for User Mode Linux. Inform you here about details of this program and about its further development.

Released Versions of UMLMON

Development of UMLMON

The further development of UMLMON happens in the free time of the author. Because of this there is no fixed roadmap. Nevertheless, the author would be happy about any kind of feedback, may that be errors, tips, or ideas.

There are some plans about these improvement:

Special adaptions to a company's requirements can be ordered from the author.

New versions are announced in the mailing list Pfeil uml-user.

About The Author

Gerd Stolpmann works since about 1996 with Linux. He discovered User Mode Linux in 2005, and on the basis of this technology he consolidated his own servers. To do so, he wrote UMLMON, and the program grew and is now the only highly professional monitoring solution for User Mode Linux. Because the author is an expert in systems programming, this was not very hard for him. As implementation language Objective Caml was chosen which is well-suited to create system services and which ensures short development cycles. Furthermore, Gerd Stolpmann knows this language longer than Linux.

Dipl.-Inform. Gerd Stolpmann
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