UMLMON - Virtualization with User Mode Linux

The virtualization technology allows it to run several instances of operating systems in parallel on the same hardware. This aims at cost reduction by better utilization of hardware, and simplification of the technical administration of data centers. User Mode Linux is a mature virtualization solution for Linux-in-Linux that can be enabled by applying a patch.

Gerd Stolpmann offers UMLMON, which is an add-on product to User Mode Linux (UML) that strongly simplifies its administration. Up to now a system operator needed several weeks to develop scripts in order to deploy User Mode Linux. UMLMON is a ready-to-use solution setting standards for UML operating, especially concerning the number of features and the operational safety.

August 2006: UMLMON is available in version 1.0.4.

The team UMLMON + UML can be applied in the following areas:

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The program can be downloaded from this server.

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